A sophisticated « cuisine » to discover the local gastronomy


Et les piliers de cette cuisine sont Josiane et Jean-Michel.


And the « pillars » of this cuisine are Josiane and Jean-Michel.


Humble amateurs, but epicureans in the heart, good food lovers, good wines amateurs and having at heart to delight and always surprise you, mixing in turn Basque specialities and influences from other regions of France that are part of their lives.

Seasonality for fruits and vegetables, local products, beautiful, good, organic!

Gently simmered, homemade dishes for the delight of your taste buds and your pupils!



 The atmosphere is warm, listening to the guests whether they are "normal", vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegans, flexitarians or others ... there is always the little extra that charms, in short you understood, you are at home around this table to enjoy:




The Landes salad with foie gras « plancha » or terrine depending on the mood of the cooks.


Trout rillettes from the Aldudes valley.


The Basque blood sausage and its apple compote with Maux mustard.



The terrine of mosaic mushrooms.





Chocolate cake on a bed of custard.


Seasonal fruit tiramisu with cracker cabbage.


The "chaumontais", speciality of St Jean pied de Port.


The crisp apple and its salted butter caramel.



Iced nougat and its red fruit fruit sauce.





The quail and its pepper flan on piquillo coulis.


Skewers of skewers.


The duck confit with its white bean mousse and vegetable tian.



Veal axoa and garlic rice.

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