Our guided hikes in the Basque Country, to discover our territory


What better way to discover a place than to do it with the people who live there ? It’s what we offer you with this 100% Respyrénées and therefore 100% Basque stay. All the services are organised by us, especially the accommodation. It’s in the heart of our guesthouse, located just a stone's throw from Saint-Jean-de-Port, that we welcome you. We have built for you a real cosy nest with free access to the outdoor heated swimming pool and a jacuzzi. Welcome to Iputxainia !


This accessible hiking circuit takes you to the foot of the mountains of the Basque Country ! Discover the variety that the Basque Country has to offer, making it a popular destination that you never get tire of. Ocean, mountains, green valleys, nature is beautiful...


This accessible hiking trail takes you to the first foothills of the Pyrenees, to discover the Basque Country ! Discover the many unusual villages nestled in lush green valley bottoms, as well as the emblematic Rhune. Your guide will also give you a taste of Basque culture and traditions.


And, of course, gastronomy will not be outdone: Itxassou black cherry, Espelette chilli pepper, Bayonne ham, sheep's cheese... Something to delight our taste buds!


The coasts of the Spanish Basque Country are marked by the last reliefs of the Pyrenees, opening in places superb beaches framed by cliffs. The sea is clear, sometimes with beautiful waves. You can swim, get a tan, but you can also go hiking, especially along the Atlantic Ocean. Here, no jealousy, the sea and the mountains merge wonderfully In order to discover this magnificent marriage of elements, we propose you a North-South crossing stopping every evening at the seaside. With the Ocean as a backdrop, you will go from hills to creeks, from cliffs to beaches, from lawns to forests…

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